Workers Benefit

• Workers can avail all kinds of leave, such as medical leave, earned leave, casual leave and maternity leave with pay.

• Dormitory facility to workers for free.

• Transportation facility to workers for free.

• Meal provided to all workers for free.

• Free medical facilities for all employees.

• Pay profit share to workers.

• Contributory provident fund to all permanent workers.

• Provide earn leave encashment.

• Arrange Annual Cultural Programme for workers refreshment.

• Ladies club for family those who are staying inside factory premises.

• Ensure Life Insurance for all employees from the date of Joining.

• In any accidental or death case, we ensure proper medical treatment for the patient and arrangement for the dead

body (Post mortem, sending the dead body to home and burial expenditure bear by company).

• Air conditioned workplace and dining hall.

• Prayer room for male and female workers separately in factory and dormitory.

• Arrange counseling program regularly for workers.