Our Story

Mr. Rafiq Uddin – Iconic single owner of Q2 Textil Vertrieb founded his company in 2000 with a vast knowledge in almost each sector of Textile and Garments industry.

After finished his University study in Business management he has started his Garments careen with Sunman Group of Industries, Bangladesh as Marketing and Merchandising executive in 1991. In that time Sunman Group was the 1st leading Garments manufacturer in Bangladesh having 34 garments factory in Bangladesh with spinning mill, textile mill for weaving and knitting, dyeing etc. They had garments factory in Mauritius and Madagascar too.

After working with them 1.5 years Mr. Rafiq Uddin joined their Hong Kong office(China Union Ind Ltd) on end of 1992 as sourcing manager to source all raw materials from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong with sales and marketing responsibility for the group as in that time most of the big buyer’s Asia sourcing office was either in Hong Kong or Singapore. In that time he has done an extra diploma course in Garments and Textile technology under the University of Japan led by Japan Government.

After long working with them for approximately  3 years on 1995 Mr. Rafiq Uddin has joined Unitextile GmbH in Germany as Managing Director. It was a very big import and wholesale house for all kind ready-made garments industry owned by Five Continents Credit Ltd, Hong Kong. Their he lead his main team of Design development, Product development, Production and merchandise department, Sales and marketing department, Buyer’s target price analysis and matching department, quality checking assuring department etc in almost all key departments could take the company in leading stage.

After working with them almost 5 years and after huge success in the company Mr. Rafiq Uddin has started his own company Q2 Textilvertrieb on 2000 to serve small and exclusive customers for their fashion and exclusive items mainly for the production from Bangladesh, China, Pakistan and India.

To emphasize the customer care and to ensure the quality to highest possible level Mr. Uddin has started his own production factory in Bangladesh on 2008 with the concept of state-of-Art technology with the technical and industrial support of GIZ Germany. With the industrial technology and Japanese LEAN method of modern and waste management we have established our own technology in Bangladesh to produce any item in very small quantity start from 1000 pcs/style without any extra production cost which is not normal for any mass production country like Bangladesh.

Because of the LEAN method of modern and waste management we could reduce almost 100% of expenses from non-productive sectors and investing them further in most productive sectors which has boosted our efficiency in maximum possible range.

These are our key points for our success in Europe though quality assurance is the main motto of Q2 Textil. This was the dream of Mr. Rafiq UDDIN from very beginning to create his company Q2 Textilvertrieb with an exclusive concept. Because of this concept he had named the company Q2 in 2000 as one Q given by buyer to us which stays for QUERY and another Q returns to buyers by us which stays for QUALITY. Together these 2 Q creates our motto QUALITY for QUERY.