Our Strength & Experience

Q2 TextilVertrieb has started its own circular knit factory since 2008 with very professional and highly experienced team with 12 lined production facility. Our advantage is that the factory management, production, and quality inspected through our German office team regular basis.

Inspired by our love for entrepreneurship and support for social responsibility, we tend to facilitate and guide the moral producing method of attire. We believe offshore makers dedicated to transparency and businesses designed on lasting relationships. Our work isn’t potential while not the those who create our manufactured product  and that we contribute towards up their work life and resource.

Our vision is to be an associate innovative leader in socially accountable producing solutions and to change garment industrial plant artisans. We think and act each globally and domestically.

Heating isn’t a retardant we will solve alone. We tend to support the employment of eco-friendly dyes and cloth. Most of those fibers square measure mature overseas. To cut back our footprint we tend to select to create the complete garment abroad and facilitate families that square measure specialists in their craft .They’re specialists in their craft and in-turn turn out the best quality product out there in any market.

We believe positive collaborations and growing along and invite you to create use of all of our resources – from producing to promoting. Your accrued market share permits our factories, their staff, and your business to prosper. And in our read, once all prosper, it’s a “win-win”.